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National Garfield Day
Eat lasagna, be lazy, or test out your artistic skills by drawing Garfield. Why not dress up like a cat? Have a dress-up day at work where everybody comes as a comic strip character. Have fun!
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Appreciation Society National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day - September 1

National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day

Today is a great day to do SOMETHING for no rhyme nor reason. Either write ...
Appreciation Society National Blue Berry Popsicle Day  - September 2

National Blueberry Popsicle Day

What a fun day to spoil yourself or the kids on the block. Make some ...
Appreciation Society World Bacon Day - September 3

World Bacon Day

From burgers to ice cream, ”Everything is better with bacon!” It is almost ...
Appreciation Society 
National Lazy Mom's Day  - September 4

National Lazy Mom’s Day

If you feel like you are a normal overworked mom constantly with a backlog ...
Appreciation Society Labor Day - September 5

Labor Day

Since 1894 the first Monday of September has been a public holiday to ...
Appreciation Society National Read A Book Day - September 6

National Read A Book Day

Reading books is really good for you. Relax, destress, focus on a book – if ...
Appreciation Society National Salami Day - September 7

National Salami day

You don’t have to be Italian to love salami. If you have not yet tried this ...
Appreciation Society National Pediatric Nurse Day  - September 8

National Pediatric Nurse Apprecation Day

Pediatric nurses are heroes and heroines. They do a really wonderful job of ...
Appreciation Society National Teddy Bear Day - September 9

National Teddy Bear Day

Did you know that the teddy bear is named after President Theodore ...
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