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National Amaretto Day
A day to remember that you can cook with amaretto and enhance the flavor of pies and tarts. It can still be drunk alone on the rocks or with sparkling water. Cheers!
Appreciation Society National Amaretto day - April 19
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National Day Of Giving - December 1st

National Day of Giving

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National-Rhubarb-Vodka-Day - December 3

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This day celebrates the unique tartness that Rhubarb gives to Vodka. ...
National Cookie Day - December 4th

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Possibly either chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, lemon or ...
International Ninja Day - December 5

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Saint Nicholas Day - December 6th

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Appreciate Yourself Day - December 7th

Appreciate Yourself Day

Whilst helping and appreciating everyone else, take a few minutes off. ...
National Brownie Day - December 8th

National Brownie Day

Love chocolate? Love cake? Then it is a brownie you should bake! Eat what ...
National Pastry Day - December 9th

National Pastry Day

Once upon a time the Mediterranean was the center of the world. Pastries ...
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