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National Margarita Day
Yes this is for real. Whether you are a Jimmy Buffet fan or not, whether you are wastin’ away or not, a margarita is a perfect accompaniment to that Mexican dinner!
National Margarita Day February 22
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Appreciation Society World Appreciation Day October 1

World Appreciation Day

Today is the day to show appreciation to the whole world for anything and ...
Appreciation Society Name Your Car Day - October 2

Name Your Car Day

We spend so much time in our cars, is it surprising many people name them ...
Appreciation Society National Child Health Day
- October 3

National Child Health Day

Get the kids off the couch, go for a walk, go to the park, do something ...
Appreciation Society National Golf Day
- October 4

National Golf Appreciation Day

Today is the day Golf professionals play for charity. You can do the same. ...
Appreciation Society National Do Something Nice Day - October 5

National Do Something Nice Day

Slow down, you are moving too fast, got to make the moments last. Take many ...
Appreciation Society National Mad Hatter Day - October 6

National Mad Hatter Day

Today you can wear a top hat, decked out, and be silly all day! Imitate ...
Appreciation Society World Smile Day - October 7

World Smile Day

This day was created by Harvey Ball, the artist who created the yellow ...
Appreciation Society National Haunted House Day - October 8

National Haunted House Day

Do you have an inner zombie? Do you get excited by the thought of ghosts? ...
Appreciation Society National Moldy Cheese Day - October 9

National Moldy Cheese day

Do you like your cheese bleu? Bleu is French for blue – today you have the ...
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