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National Hard Candy Day
Rock my world! In ancient Egypt people ate candy. Celebrate by indulging in a piece or two of your favorite candy.
National Hard Candy Day - December 19th
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  • Appreciation Society

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National Card Playing Day - December 28th

National Card Playing Day

National card playing day is a time to relax and unwind after all the ...
National Tick Tock Day - December 29th

National Tick Tock Day

Tick Tock Day is a reminder that there are only two days left in the year ...
Appreciation Society National Fast Food Workers Appreciation Day

World Fast Food Workers Appreciation Day – December 30

Appreciate those smiles from the fast food workers – they serve us quickly ...
National Champagne Day - December 31st

National Champagne Day

December 31st is considered as National Champagne Day because most people ...
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