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Father’s Day
Today we celebrate our Dads and the value of fatherhood. Spend time spoiling them with something different. Take the time to call, visit or send a small gift. Dads enjoy being appreciated too.
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National Garfield Day

Eat lasagna, be lazy, or test out your artistic skills by drawing Garfield. ...
Appreciation Society Ice Cream Soda Day - June 20

Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice cream soda can be made with root beer or any type of soda. Have a party ...
Appreciation Society National Yoga Day - June 21

International Yoga Day

The holistic benefits of yoga are well recognized the world over, which is ...
Appreciation Society National Onion Ring Day - June 22

National Onion Ring Day

Onion rings come individually or in stacks, blocks, straws and blooms. Eat ...
Appreciation Society National Pink Day - June 23

National Pink Day

Surely you have some item of pink clothing to wear today. Embrace your ...
Appreciation Society  World Take Your Dog to Work Day - June 24

World Take Your Dog To Work Day

This is catching on. People love their dogs and their dogs love them. Today ...
Appreciation Society  National Catfish Day - June 25

National Catfish Day

If you are a catfish aficionado, today is your day. Many restaurants serve ...
Appreciation Society National Beautician's Day June 26

National Beautician’s Day

Beauticians make you look your best which makes you feel amazing. Show them ...
Appreciation Society National Sunglasses Day - June 27

National Sunglasses Day

Wear your favorite shades today! Show us your Jackie O or Samuel L. Jackson ...
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