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National Nut Day
Celebrate national nut day. The kind you eat – not your friends! Nuts are great for anti-aging, one of the most nutritious snacks and very healthy for you. Almonds are particularly good for you – they are an antioxidant, rich in vitamin E and magnesium. Be sure to have plenty in your trail mix or daily snacks.
Appreciation Society National Nut Day - October 22
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Appreciation Society Columbus Day - October 10

Columbus Day

Today we celebrate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus on ...
Appreciation Society National Sausage Pizza Day - October 11

National Sausage Pizza Day

Who doesn’t love sausage? Who doesn’t love pizza? Go on, spoil yourself. ...
Appreciation Society
National Native American Day - October 12

National Native American Day

Celebrate Native Americans today. If you can visit the Crazy Horse statue ...
Appreciation Society Emergency Nurses Day
- October 13

National Emergency Nurses Day

If you have ever been involved in a hospitalizing accident, you know just ...
Appreciation Society Take Your Parents To Lunch Day - October 14

Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

Take some time off today to take your parents to lunch. Pack a lunch, ...
Appreciation Society National Sweetest Day
- October 15

National Sweetest Day

This day we offer sweet gestures to those less fortunate than ourselves. ...
Appreciation Society World Food Day - October 16

World Food Day

Observed in over 150 countries, World Food Day is focused on alleviating ...
Appreciation Society National Black Poetry Day - October 17

National Black Poetry Day

Today we celebrate American black poets. Read some today – there is a lot ...
Appreciation Society National Chocolate Cupcake Day - October 18

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cupcakes that is. A favorite everywhere, ...
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