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Appreciation Society Founders

Russell Cleveland, Founder

Russell has had a lifelong interest in the principles of success and wellness. His main occupation has been investment management and he currently serves on a number of Board of Directors of both private and public companies. He is the author of "Finding Midas," which concentrates on investing in Founder, Owner, Visionary management companies. He does an annual seminar on this subject at Southern Methodist University.

Russell has a long history of interest in music and produced the book "The Classical Guitar - A Complete History." He is also the chairman of the Guitar Advisory Board at the University of Texas, Dallas and has endowed a professorship in music at the institution. He has contributed and been quoted in a number of national and world publications. Russell is currently a guest commentator on the BBC World News Service.

Russell describes himself as a "Lifetime Student."

Sher Briggs, Managing Director

Sher has always been passionate about the value of helping others and pursuing happiness.

Sher has been leading marketing teams for over 25+ years as an employee, entrepreneur, and consultant. She has worked to build unique solutions for start-ups, SMB's and non-profit organizations identifying areas requiring attention, working with the organization to create solutions and implementing those solutions to successful fruition.

She is the principal of Sherbee Media & Consulting, Executive Director for the Dallas Chamber Music Society, part owner in numberous companies and a proud Board Member of a few select charities.
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