Three Magic Words, “I Appreciate You”

Appreciation Society - "It's hard when you are in the trenches to remember to appreciate." - R. Cleveland

Everyone wants to be valued in life whether as a family member, a friend, an employee, a customer or fellow worker. Survey after survey shows that the reason most employees quit their job is the feeling they are not being appreciated. Appreciation carries two components, one is gratitude and the other is value. So when you ask “I appreciate you,” you are giving value.

So you say to yourself, “How can I appreciate someone if I do not feel like it”; “They do not deserve appreciation.” The truth is most everyone has some value to be appreciated. Sometimes it is not on the surface. When you start using the phase “I Appreciate You” you will notice a certain “magic” happens. They will begin to appreciate you!

Using the three magic words is a doing exercise. To have it work you have to start doing it, making it part of your life. Very little to lose, much to gain. We have formed the to spread the word of the power of appreciation. You can download an app and receive a daily inspirational quote, beautiful pictures and a special day to celebrate at no charge. You can join us on this mission. To give your life more value remember the three magic words, “I Appreciation You!”

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